Why Pursue a Master’s Degree?

Perkuliahan di Program Master (S2) Swiss German University (SGU)
Perkuliahan di Program Master (S2) Swiss German University (SGU) (KalderaNews/Pascasarjana SGU)

TANGERANG, KalderaNews.com – When you get a bachelor’s degree, you usually begin to be required to be independent and have an income. This makes you hope to be able to get the job you want soon.


However, there are times when the option to continue to graduate school is an attractive offer. SGU lecturers will explain several points that can be a consideration for you to continue your studies:

1). Determining Life Purpose

Determining life goals is the first thing you have to do in deciding whether to go to college or not. A Master’s degree does not guarantee that you will have a better career and income than an undergraduate.

However, there are types of work that make continuing to the Master an absolute choice such as becoming a teacher, lecturer, or researcher. “You have to continue your master’s degree if you want to become a lecturer,” said Head of SGU Master Mechanical Engineering, Dena Hendriana.

2). Competition in Job Fair is Getting higher

Currently, many professionals have bachelor’s degrees. A Master’s degree will be a plus for you when competing in the job market. But of course, you have to train other skills to get a better experience.

Dena said the global economy makes current labor competition not only at the local level. Professionals must prepare themselves to face global competition. Studying for a master’s degree can increase professional competitiveness to face this tough competition. Therefore, professionals need to continue their studies at universities that have high quality in increasing competitiveness in the current era.

Head of SGU Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Tanika D. Sofianti, suggested that students continue their master’s studies after two years of work so they have experience. “For a job market situation where the competition is getting tighter, continuing the master’s degree is important,” she said.

3). Improve Skill

Continuing a master’s degree can increase not only hard skill, but also soft skill that are useful in advancing careers. Head of SGU Master of Information Technology, Eka Budiarto, said competency is very much needed these days. There are two ways to increase competency: training or master study.

Training only increases competency in specific area, and usually does not allow the students to see the whole thing. Master study, especially at MIT SGU, tries to give the big picture first, so that the connections between the parts can be seen.

With master study, the students will learn about way of thinking. For example critical thinking, and the importance of framework. Without framework, you do not have the indicators, and therefore can not measure, a phenomenon. That means it will not be clear whether your solution is better or not. Also framework usually gives a holistic view of the problem.

Deputy Head of SGU Master of IT Program, Charles Lim said Master Degree Provides an opportunity for professionals to develop critical, structured thinking in solving today’s complex challenge in the fast and ever changing business environment across many industries. “This is a point that SGU Masters alumni often tell me,” he said.

The material given to master students is usually more analytical. This is different from the bachelor level who does more implementation with projects.

4). Flexible Tuition Hours

Currently, many universities provide masterclasses for employees. Classes are held outside of regular working hours, like on evenings or weekends. This can be taken into consideration if you want to continue studying master while working. “At SGU, master lectures are given every Saturday allowing professionals to work from Monday to Friday,” said Dena

So what else have you doubted? Let’s improve your competitiveness by continuing to study master’s.

Interested in knowing more about studying at SGU? Swiss German University (SGU) is an international university in Indonesia, was established in 2000 as a joint effort between Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We are the pioneer in offering international curricula in Indonesia.

Qualified students can graduate with a Double Degree from Indonesia and Germany, which SGU provides in cooperation with partner universities; surely a valuable tool for your future careers. Ever since its establishment, SGU has been dedicated to delivering quality education in line with international standards and aims to develop skilled professionals who meet the demands of the industry.

To achieve its objectives, SGU offers quality-oriented learning through 12 Bachelor’s Degree Programs and 4 Master’s Degree Programs ranging from Engineering, Information Technology, and Business to Life Sciences and Social Sciences. Furthermore, with small class sizes, and with English as the medium of instruction, you can look forward to pursuing your tertiary education and degree with full confidence.

Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our consultant and find out more.

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