When Business Meets Data: Business Analytics track of the MSc in Business Administration at TIAS

TIAS School for Business and Society, Ingree and Wan-Ting
At Business Process and Data Mapping, students learn about data structure and develop a deep understanding of how data is analyzed in a business (KalderaNews/Doc. Ingree and Wan-Ting)
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JAKARTA, KalderaNews.com program aims to provide students with business and data training for the industry. We talked to Wan-Ting and Ingree, two students of the Business Analytics track from 2019 to 2020, getting a glimpse of their experiences of gaining cross-domain skill training at TIAS and applying it to their internships in the Netherlands.

Both coming from Taiwan to the Netherlands for the new chapter of their career, even though studying at the same university back in Taiwan and together at TIAS, Wan-Ting and Ingree actually had a different educational background. Wan-Ting was the business one who majored in Logistic Management and Supply Chain. Ingree, on the other hand, was the tech-savvy one and studied Information Management. At the Business Analytics track, their expertise converged while they learned with and worked in a group of diverse talents.

Courses of the Business Analytics track

The four main courses offered by the Business Analytics track are (1) Business Process and Data Mapping; (2) Business Data Analytics; (3) Decision Analysis and Optimization; and (4) Business Intelligence.

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