7 Reasons Why Fresh Graduates Need to Continue Studying a Master of Arts in Business

Suasana Perkuliahan di Program Master (S2) di Swiss German University
Suasana perkuliahan program master (S2) di Swiss German University (KalderaNews/Pascasarjana SGU)

JAKARTA, KalderaNews.com – When you graduate from college, you may have the option to work or go straight to master’s studies. Looking for work is an alternative that you can choose if you want to be independent and seek experience.

However, the competition in the job market is getting tougher. Especially when you graduate during a pandemic where an economic recession is happening. Many companies collapsed and laid off their employees. The number of job vacancies is also decreasing, while job seekers are increasing.

In these conditions, the option to directly continue studying and get a master’s degree can be an alternative to increase your competitiveness. You can also take advantage of your time by adding knowledge while waiting for the pandemic to be resolved and the economy to gradually recover.


Swiss German University has a Master of Art (MA) in Business program which is specifically for fresh graduates to continue their studies immediately and earn a Master’s degree. Our MA program offers specialization in the areas of Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Strategic Management, and Supply Chain in the context of digitalization and its disruptive environment.

Here are the reasons why fresh graduates need to continue their studies at MA SGU:

1). Increase Competitiveness

Having a master’s degree makes you competitive compared to undergraduate graduates. The global economy makes current labor competition not only at the local level. Professionals must prepare themselves to face global competition. Studying for a master’s degree can increase professional competitiveness to face this tough competition. Therefore, professionals need to continue their studies at universities that have high quality in increasing competitiveness in the current era.

2). Business Science Is Needed

Business knowledge is needed in any sector, from manufacturing to health to engineering. You can study at SGU’s MA study program even though you don’t have a bachelor’s background in economics.

MA SGU lecturer, Antonius TP. Siahaan, said that business science is very dynamic following the times. For example, the Covid 19 pandemic has forced businesses to digitize more quickly. “Business science is timeless and very much needed. We can learn self-taught, but learning academically can help us find a better frame of mind,” he said.

3). Adaptive curriculum

Master of Arts in Business SGU Curriculum has adapted to the current situation. Big data and data science are new courses at SGU that have not been taught by many other universities. We take advantage of the digital age with big data to win the market.

Students are also taught to design new marketing strategies and target market targets that have changed. “In the finance sector, we are also more focused not only on classical theories but also on current applications, such as fintech, financial inclusion, and so on,” said Antonius.

4). Lots of Lectures Based on Case Studies

Not only theory, studying at MA SGU is based on case studies that are made as close as possible to the current situation. This is so that students are ready to enter the industry when they have graduated.

We also regularly invite CEOs from big companies in Indonesia to share with students. Students can get input from the speaker’s experience in managing a business.

5). Fast Track

SGU MA program provides fast track training to get a master’s degree in a year. Lectures will be given full time every Monday-Friday for less than a year. “The MA program at SGU is very fast and busy. The MA Program student is a full-time student, “said Senior Lecturer of the MA Program) at SGU, Soebowo Musa.

6). Double Degree

The MA offers the option of having a double degree (dual degree) with partner university Jena in Germany. This dual degree provides an opportunity for students to study for one semester in Germany to study international finance, corporate finance, and strategic human resources.

Having a double degree not only gives added value in gaining knowledge, but also experiences socializing in different cultures. Students are also trained to be independent and interact with a social culture that is different from that in Indonesia.

7). Most of the MA Program Lecturers at SGU are Practitioners

A business degree program should be seen as a professional degree, not a purely academic degree. Most of the teachers in the MA Program at SGU are practitioners in their respective fields who have experience in the professional world.

Interested in studying Master of Arts in Business at SGU? Wait no more, don’t hesitate to contact our consultant and find out more.

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