TIAS MScBA Program With BA Track Is Very Suitable for Beginners

TIAS MScBA program, Personal Leadership Career Development (PLCD)
For all students of the MScBA, TIAS offers a Personal Leadership Career Development (PLCD) program (KalderaNews/Doc.TIAS)
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JAKARTA, KalderaNews.com – We talked to Wan-Ting and Ingree from Taiwan, two students of the Business Analytics track from 2019 to 2020, getting a glimpse of their experiences of gaining cross-domain skill training at and applying it to their internships in the Netherlands.

“My advice to the students who want to follow program with BA track is that just don’t be afraid if you dont’t have any background. Don’t get panic because I belive TIAS courses are very suitbale for beginners,” said Wan Ting from Taiwan.


You can find more information of TIAS Business School .

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