IFC and West Java join forces to ensure sustainable infrastructure growth

IFC’s Director for East Asia and the Pacific, Vivek Pathak and West Java’s Governor, Ridwan Kamil
IFC’s Director for East Asia and the Pacific, Vivek Pathak and West Java’s Governor, Ridwan Kamil (KalderaNews/IFC)

TOKYO, KalderaNews.com – The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Government of West Java Province, today signed a letter of intent to collaborate on the development and revitalization of infrastructure in Indonesia’s most populous province.

Both parties are determined to ensure West Java’s development is managed in the most sustainable way possible and IFC’s desire to invest in the province’s infrastructure will help to ensure this is achieved.

The letter of intent, the first step towards a formal agreement, was signed in Tokyo by West Java’s Governor, Ridwan Kamil and Vivek Pathak, IFC’s Director for East Asia and the Pacific.


The two are currently attending the U20 Mayors Summit, which brings together mayors and senior delegates from cities and provinces across the globe with the aim of raising the profile of urban development priorities ahead of the G20 Summit in June.

“Urbanization is playing a critical role in economic development. We are already witnessing rapid urbanization in West Java. Cities currently generate 70% of global carbon emissions and their growth must be managed in such a way that it does not compound climate change,” said Vivek Pathak, IFC Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific. “Working with the authorities in West Java to provide advice on funding infrastructure projects and corporate governance practices will help to mitigate climate impacts,” he continued.

The high-level agreement outlines the advisory services that IFC may provide to the West Java Government. They include preparing strategic infrastructure projects for private sector funding, implementing funding schemes for infrastructure projects and strengthening the corporate governance practices of regionally-owned enterprises in West Java. The Government has already highlighted transport, water and waste management and sustainable infrastructure such as green buildings as priorities.

“We are determined to improve economic inclusion and development in West Java through collaboration between government, regional owned enterprises and private-sector. Working with an organization like IFC, which has the financial and managerial experience and shares our aspirations, will ultimately improve West Java’s competitiveness in the national and international level,” said Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java. (JS)

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