15 Inspirasi Ucapan Hari Guru Sedunia 2021 dalam Bahasa Inggris yang Menyentuh Hati

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JAKARTA, KalderaNews.com – Setiap 5 Oktober, kita merayakan Hari Guru Sedunia atau World Teacher’s Day. Pada 2021 ini, Hari Guru Sedunia mengangkat tema “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”.


Nah, untuk memeriahkan perayaan Hari Guru Sedunia, mari kita saling berbagi ucapan sebagai tanda terima kasih kepada para guru kita. Inilah 15 inspirasi ucapan Hari Guru Sedunia dalam bahasa Inggris:

  1. The best teachers don’t give you the answer, they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself. Happy World Teacher’s Day 2021!
  2. Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. Thank you for helping me become the person i am today. Happy World Teacher’s Day!
  3. You are not just a teacher to me, you are also an inspiration. Lucky to have you as a guide. Happy World Teacher’s Day.
  4. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. Happy Teacher’s Day.
  5. On my loves teacher you have been a source of inspiration to me in the hardship times. Happy World Teacher’s Day 2021.
  6. I found guidance, friendship, discipline, and love everything, in one person. And that person is you. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  7. A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others. Happy World Teacher’s Day.
  8. Thanks for being a true mentor of our hearts. Happy World Teacher’s Day!
  9. To the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you are a hero. Happy World Teacher’s Day 2021.
  10. We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work. And efforts that you put in the field of education to us. Happy World Teacher’s Day!
  11. Happy World Teacher’s Day 2021! Thanks for being my teacher and guided me to the right path of life. I thank you teacher!
  12. Happy World Teacher’s Day! A Teacher presents the past, reveals the present, and creates the future.
  13. Teacher, you have always challenged me to work hard and get good grades. I will always remember you. Happy Teacher’s Day!
  14. Happy teacher’s day to the most fabulous teacher who made me believe that not doing homework was the biggest crime in the world.
  15. My parents always thought you were a magician. Because no one could make me do my homework except you. Happy World Teacher’s Day 2021!

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